“Yossi Sheffi displays a wealth of knowledge about large global enterprise in The Power of Resilience that is unprecedented. Senior executives will gain unique insights and manage much more effectively having read it.”
Frederick W. Smith, Chairman and CEO, FedEx Corporation

“Yossi Sheffi is one of the most inventive and comprehensive thinkers in the supply chain and resiliency spaces. His latest book is a must-read for organizations hoping to leverage the strategic competitive advantages that resiliency and preparedness provide.”
Chris Sultemeier, Executive Vice President, Logistics, Walmart

“Supply chains—logistics, transportation, and shipping—have been around throughout history, but never before has the supply chain been such an integral part of business. Yossi Sheffi does a great job of explaining why that transformation has taken place and the implications for doing business in the twenty-first century with the speed of challenges and risks facing our supply chains today.”
Matthew K. Rose, Executive Chairman, BNSF Railway Company

The Power of Resilience is a brilliant book that should be read by all business leaders in order to capably manage risks and create growth in the new global economy.”
Hau L. Lee, Thoma Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

“Resilience building is as critical as risk management for organizations operating in a dynamic global economy. This book is timely and important because it enables business leaders to grasp, conceptually and contextually, the power of resilience.”
Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum