Courses Taught at MIT

Course Currently Teaching
ESD.260 Supply Chain Analysis
ESD.263 Logistics Thesis Seminar
ESD.290 Special Topics: Supply Chain
Course Previously Taught
1.020 Mathematical Programming and Optimization Algorithms
1.102 Transportation System Laboratory
1.151 Statistics
1.201 Transportation System Analysis
1.203 Quantitative Methods in Transportation Systems Analysis
1.204 Transportation Systems Design
1.207 Transportation Network Equilibrium Analysis
1.208 Logistics and Freight Transportation Management
1.215 Traffic Flow: Theory and Engineering Applications
1.217 Computer Methods for Traffic Assignment
1.224 Carrier Systems
1.266 Value Chain Integration with IT
1.290 Transportation Performance and Technology
1.29s Individual Choice and market Share: The Probit Model Approach
1.S35 Engineering Systems and Computation seminar
CTS 81 Transportation Networks Analysis
CTS S Logistics Analysis for Carriers and Shippers
ESD.204 Carrier Systems
ESD.S41 Special Graduate Studies in EngineeringSystems Divison